Dorian Parks help found Geeks of Color in 2015 so that people of color would have a place to talk about comics and characters, movies, TV shows and much more. He is an LA-based digital content creator, social media manager, podcaster, journalist, and speaker. Read about his journey here!

Ep 2 – Canvassing with TheBlerdgurl Parks and Recommendations

Leslie and her committee try to build support for the park project, while Tom uses some rather questionable recruiting tactics. On this week's episode of Parks and Recommendations, I am joined by The Blerdgurl aka Karama Horne! Horne is a NY-based producer, podcaster, culture journalist, speaker and editor. She founded theblerdgurl in 2013 so that I would have a place to talk about comic, anime, and science fiction. During our chat, we discussed how she got her start, finding her niche, what's she learned throughout her career and we talk a little anime. She also drops some vaulable gems about content creation and much more! Give it a listen.  Check out her wok here:
  1. Ep 2 – Canvassing with TheBlerdgurl
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