My Impossible List

What’s up everybody!

Welcome to my impossible list! For those wondering, this is much more than a bucket list! I got the idea from Thomas Frank on YouTube, who was inspired by Joel Runyon, the creator of the impossible list. The past few years have been a complete train wreck. So I decided I want to make sure I pursue everything I can and put out the content I’m proudest of!

I’m sharing this list because it holds me accountable. I’d ask my friends, family, and supporters to help keep me on track and push me toward my goals. I created this list last year but hesitated to put it out but I’m ready to have it live!

Check out my list below:

Life Goals

  • Direct a Blockbuster Movie 
  • Premiere a movie at SXSW and receive a standing ovation. (9 minutes of clapping)
  • Create a TV show and sale it.
  • Stay in touch with family and friends 
  • Start a fundraising branch for Geeks of Color
  • Release a comic book, a novel, and a feature-length film or documentary
  • Become a DJ 
  • Release a song
  • Make sure my family is taken care of. 
  • “Retire” by age 40
  • Maintain a loving, inspiring, happy relationship with Zendaya  

Fitness/Health Goals

  • Learn how To cook
    • launch a cooking show
    • Only eat out 1-2 times a week 
  • Build a fitness plan for lifting weights
  • Run a Mile 
    • Do it in Less than 7 minutes 
  • Run a 5K 
    • Do it in less than 30 minutes 
  •  Run a 10K 
  • Complete a 10K Warrior Dash 
  • Complete a 10K Tough Mudder 
  • Learn some form of martial arts  

Professional Goals

  • Be a better leader for my community 
  • Get cast on The Challenge
  • Turn Geeks of Color into an official publication 
  • Relaunch GOC Podcast 
  • Get GOC verified 
  • Get Verified 
  • Build more safe spaces for people of color 
  • Get 3 ,000,000 blog visits, all time
    • Get 150,000 blog visits in a month
    • Get 500,000 blog visits in a month
    • Get 1,000,000 blog visits in a month
  • Create a GOC newsletter
    • Grow 100 subscribers
    • Grow 500 subscribers
    • Grow 1000 subscribers
    • Grow 5,000 subscribers
    • Grow to 10,000 subscribers
    • Grow to 250,000 subscriber
  • Become a better writer
  • Finish writing my tv script idea 
  • Write a traditionally published book
  • Get on the New York Times Best Sellers list
  • Launch a regular YouTube show and release 10 videos
    • Release 50 videos 
  • GOC – Gain 500 subscribers 
    • Gain 1,000 subscribers 
    • Gain 2,500 subscribers 
    • Gain 5,000 subscribers 
    • Gain 10,000 subscribers 
    • Gain 50,000 subscribers 
    • Gain 100,000 subscribers and earn the silver Play Button Gain 1 million subscribers and earn the gold Play Button 
    • Gain 2 million subscribers 
    • Gain 3 million subscribers
  • Personal – Gain 500 subscribers 
    • Gain 1,000 subscribers 
    • Gain 2,500 subscribers
    • Gain 5,000 subscribers (January 31, 2015)
    • Gain 10,000 subscribers (March 1, 2015)
    • Gain 50,000 subscribers (August 10, 2015)
    • Gain 100,000 subscribers and earn the silver Play Button 
    • Gain 1 million subscribers and earn the gold Play Button 
    • Gain 2 million subscribers 
    • Gain 3 million subscribers
  • Work on my craft as a filmmaker
  • Win an Emmy
  • Win an Oscar
  • Win a golden Golden Globe
  • Walk into a theater and take a picture of a movie I was apart of.
  • Create an online course 
  • Grow GOC social media accounts 
  • Grow my Instagram account to 10,000 followers
  • Feature more artist on GOC 
  • Write 25,000 words in a month
  • Restart my Personal Podcast (Oct 1st)
    • Get 1,000 listens in a month 
    • Get 10,000 listens in a month 
    • Get 50 reviews on iTunes
  • Grow GOC social media accounts
  • Give a talk for more than 500 people
  • Give a TEDx Talk
  • Speak at VidCon
  • Host a Marvel panel at SDCC
  • Host a DC panel at SDCC
  • Host a panel at NYCC
  • Work on a comic book movie
  • Direct a comic book movie for Marvel or DC
  • Give a talk about Building your brand to an audience of content creators

Travel Goals (Post COVID) 

  • Visit Japan
  • Visit Ireland
  • Visit England
  • Visit Singapore
  • Visit China
  • Visit Spain
  • Visit Turkey
  • Visit 5 countries other than the U.S. for more than a week each
  • Visit every state in the U.S.


It’s no secret that i haven’t seen a lot of older movies so what I’ll be doing is documenting a tracking my journey of films I’ve watched over on my letterboxd.

  • Watch 1000 Movies 
  • Write or Film Video Reviews for Classic movies I’m watching for the first time!

Video Game Goals

  • Games I have on my list RIGHT NOW
    • Halo Franchise
    • Alan
  • Become more invovled in the gaming community
  • Stream 3-4 hours a week
  • Became a beat saber PRO
  • b=Become a proffessional Apex Legends Player

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